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27 March 2013

Change of schools’ web-filtering affecting access to Youtube

On 31 March, Ealing LA will remove an “ALLOW Youtube” web filtering policy which is enforced on all Ealing schools. From this moment onwards most schools will find that Youtube becomes blocked unless they modify their own filtering policy.

Action required: If you want your school to have access to Youtube from 15 April you will need to get your technician / technical support provider to create a policy to allow it.

Author: Mark Robinson / Paul Veasey

Contact name: Mark Robinson / Paul Veasey

Contact tel: 07939 114456 / 07775 725110

Contact email: /

Changes to teachers pay: implications for schools - Conference

Confirmation of an all-day event to be co-hosted with Hillingdon on 6 June 2013

Action required: For information. To note date in dairies and watch for further communications confirming booking arrangements.

Author: Mark Nelson

Contact name: Mark Nelson

Contact tel: 020 8825 9478

Contact email:

Domestic Violence – Identification and First Steps Training

FREE training on domestic violence for early years and primary school staff – 13 sessions to choose from at a variety of venues across the borough. The training is being delivered by family safety/DV workers from the SAFE team and other ESCB staff. It is aimed at designated teachers, senior leaders and other staff who work with parents in school.

Action required: Book places on the Domestic Violence – Identification and First Steps training via

Author: Sarah Thompson

Contact name: Sarah Thompson, extended services adviser

Contact tel: 020 8825 7372

Contact email:

Children’s activities at Greenford Library

Programme of events April - June 2013

Action required: Please bring to the attention of relevant staff. Promote to parents and children via assemblies and/or end of term newsletters. Contact Library to arrange class visits.

Author: Cindy Ashplant, Library Officer, Greenford Library

Contact name: Cindy Ashplant, Wendy Carroll, Vinni Trivedi, Dhiraj Bhangar

Contact tel: 020 8825 7297

Contact email:

HSB Inspections Portal – are you on it?

Make sure you are on the Portal so you, or your responsible site person, can download the reports and action where necessary.

Action required: For information. Please contact the above if you have any queries relating to the Portal.

Author: Mary Guruparan

Contact name: Mary Guruparan

Contact tel: 020 8825 8378

Contact email:

SIMS training at Hammersmith and Fulham training room - summer term 2013

Details of SIMS training available in the summer term of 2013 for Ealing schools at the Hammersmith and Fulham training room

Action required: Please pass to users in your school to book places directly with Hammersmith and Fulham.

Author: Fiona Bradley

Contact name: Fiona Bradley

Contact tel: 020 8825 6065

Contact email:

Primary school composite prospectus 2014

Production timetable with deadlines for receipt of information.

Action required: Review your entry and provide amended information for inclusion in the 2014 composite prospectus by 22 April 2013.

Author: Tolu Sahid

Contact name: Tolu Sahid

Contact tel: 020 8825 5459

Contact email:

Descendants Achievement Awards

Descendants organisation is organising the 2013 Dr John Roberts CBE QC Achievement Awards for children and young people of African and African-Caribbean descent. Schools are invited to nominate pupils for the awards in one or more of the categories. Nomination form and poster are included in this item. Full details available on website:

Action required: Please share with heads of year, ethnic minority achievement co-ordinators and other relevant members of staff. Nominations by 6 June 2013.

Author: Margaret Noel, Descendants Co-ordinator

Contact name: Margaret Noel

Contact tel: 0774 588 9521 / 0203 652 6447

Contact email: