How to update EGfL content

This is a guide on making changes or creating content for this website.

Content leads

Content leads are listed in the following table.

Subject area Content lead
Attendance and children missing education Lucinda Poole
Buildings/facilities Stephen Dunham
Cleaning Maddy Gupta Wright
Directors' updates Julie Lewis, ELP
Early years Polly Bradley, Sukhvir Kang
Cleaning Maddy Gupta Wright
Education psychology Judith Chambers Thomas
Emergency contacts Raj Chowdhury
Emergency plan checklist Raj Chowdhury
Finance Various, Tamara Quinn, Schools bursarial
Food banks and distribution Laurence
Free school meals Tamara Quinn, School pupils support
Government guidance Gary Redhead, Tamara Quinn, various
Home learning Nigel Cook
Early career teachers (ECT) Mirela Timo
Personal protective equipment (PPE) Alison Bennett
Refuse and recycling collections Catherina Pack
Safeguarding John Churchill
School governance Therese McNulty
School partnerships and enrichment Sarah Thompson
School provision Julie Lewis, ELP
Special educational needs (SEN) Charles Barnard, Madhu Bhachu, various
Speech and language Maddy, NHS
Staffing Mark Nelson
Support for schools Julie Lewis
Symptoms and testing Raj Chowdhury
Transition Various, Lucinda Poole and Joanne Bradley
Vulnerable children John Churchill
Wellbeing and mental health Emily Rayfield

Content additions or changes

Please check the website regularly to make sure your subject area is up to date. Urgent requests will be prioritised for publishing on the day of receipt or as soon as possible. Please avoid duplicating information here if it is available to link to elsewhere.

When sending your request, please check that your email subject indicates 'EGfL content request'. In addition, please make sure to:

  • indicate which page or subject area your update applies to
  • add a date, author and contact details to any documents submitted, as necessary
  • briefly describe the purpose of the update, and whether it is urgent
  • advise the web and communications team where out of date content can be removed

Send your content request now (this will open Outlook email)

Gatekeeping and news content

News articles and Gatekeeping items should link to policy or service information on EGfL.

Content should be open where possible. Please advise the web and communications team if you have confidential content requiring password protection.

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Last updated: 05 Jan 2022

Ealing Learning Partnership (ELP) directorate and associates

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