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School business manager: Developing the role

Assessment and differentiation

Planning for Learning:

Introducing Assessment for Learning:

Differentiating for Learning:

What children's perspectives tell us about inclusion:

Child development

Exploring children's learning:

Parents and toddlers teaching and learning home:

Infants understanding their social world:

Role play childrens learning:

Early years

Attachment in the Early Years:

Understanding Early Years Environments:

The role of play in children’s learning:

Children’s perspective on play:

Early years: Teamwork and leadership:

Play, learning and the brain:

Parents and toddlers: Teaching and learning at home:

Parents as partners:


Beginners’ French:

Intermediate French:


Encouraging book talk in the school library:

Exploring books for children:

Evaluating school classroom discussion:

English in Early Childhood:


Maths Subject Knowledge:

Maths Subject Knowledge:


Parents as partners:


Teaching Phonics in Early Childhood:

Reflective practice

Learning to teach:


Keeping them safe: Sexual exploitation:

Introduction into safeguarding:

Keeping them safe:

Female Genital mutilation:

Prevent training:

Caring for vulnerable children:

Online safety:

Forced marriage:

Social and emotional: pastoral care

Teaching Students Who Have Suffered Complex Trauma:

Attachment in the early years:

Transforming Education in Challenging Environments:

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs):




Special education needs and disabilities (SEND)

Understanding Dyslexia:

Making Sense of Dyslexia: Education for Children and Young People:

Webcasts about dyslexia:

Understanding Autism:

An Introduction Into Speech, Language and Communication:

Managing Behaviour For Learning:

Understanding ADHD:

Top tips for understanding ADHD and supporting children in the classroom:

Supporting children with difficulties in reading and writing (videos for teachers):

Supporting the SEND learner (free courses):

Understanding autism and ADHD:

ADHD online courses:

Inclusive Education:

Education for All: Disability, Diversity and Inclusion:


Engaging with education research:

Introduction to child psychology:

Teaching for good behaviour:

Teachers' assistants

Listening to young children: Transition:

Exploring Children’s learning:

Encouraging book talk in the school library:

Evaluating classroom discussions:

Exploring books for children: words and pictures:

Exploring equality and equity in education:

Learning how to learn:

What children and young people say:

Childhood in crisis:

Childhood in the digital age:

Children and young people’s participation:

Understanding Young Minds:

The world of primary school:

Working with young people: Roles and responsibilities:

Primary education: Listening and Observing:

Supporting Successful Learning in Primary School:


Childhood Adversity: The Impact of Childhood Maltreatment on Mental Health - 3 hours of study per week for 3 weeks, this is a free course from UCL

Coaching others to coach:

e-Bug Healthy Educator training: Improve your ability to teach children and young people how to prevent the spread of infection and to use antibiotics responsibly
e-Bug: Health Educator Training - Online Course - FutureLearn

Free courses from the Open University - See ‘Health, Sports and Psychology’ and ‘Education and Development’:

Measuring mental wellbeing to improve the lives of children and young people - Free, online learning module from CORC and the Anna Freud Learning Network:

Online webinars from the Child Mental Health Centre:

Get psychological first aid (PFA) training for free from Public Health England. Complete 3 hours of study for an understanding of how to help people with cope with the emotional impact of COVID-19 Psychological first aid

The Role of Vaccines in Preventing Infectious Diseases and Antimicrobial Resistance: Learn how vaccines work and can be used for infectious disease control with this online course for healthcare professionals

Set up a free account with We Schools - Access learning resources, pre-recorded seminars, and upcoming live seminars:

Supporting the return to school - 3 hour online training from Trauma Informed Schools UK. £850 for up to 300 staff, can be shared with another school:

Teaching about mental wellbeing - The first of 14 modules for subject leads to deliver to teachers:

Working with young people in sport and exercise:

Young people’s wellbeing:

Other learning resources:

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Last updated: 18 Oct 2021

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