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ELP learning communities

There are three school led learning communities focusing on:

Each learning community will:

  • Be practitioner-led and enquiry/research-based
  • Develop classroom practice and teaching skills
  • Provide a benefit for the practitioner, their school and the ELP community.

Participating schools must be committed to:

  • Attending group meetings
  • Supporting and enabling the relevant staff to undertake the research
  • Sharing findings/research through a presentation/seminar booklet
  • Provide periodic updates to the ELP website.

SEND learning community

Lead: Melanie Hogan, Castlebar School

Focussing on developing ‘quality first teaching’ to improve outcomes for pupils with additional needs. Through lesson study and peer to peer support use teachers’ expertise and enjoyment of professional learning to build collaboration and enable teachers to make positive changes to their day-to-day classroom practices. As a result, improvements to pupil achievement are sustained beyond the lesson study process.

SEND learning community update autumn 2018 (pdf - 29 November 2018)

Meeting dates Focus
2 October 2018 Initial launch
10 October 2018 Lesson study training day
15,16,18 October 2018 Lesson study open house visits
7 November 2018 Half day training (lesson study planning)
21 November 2018 Half day training (post lesson discussion)
6 December 2018 Learning community twilight meeting
TBC Coaching visits
13 March 2019 Learning community meeting
19 June 2019 Feedback on initial findings

Action research to improve reading learning community

Lead: Clare Rees, Havelock Primary School

The use of appreciative inquiry model to research and develop strategies to develop the effective teaching of reading building on what is working already.

The initial meeting took place on Wednesday 3 October at Havelock Primary School.

Action research learning community update autumn 2018 (pdf - 29 November 2018)

Dates to follow.

Metacognition learning community

Lead: Tessa Hodgson, Oaklands Primary School

The education endowment fund has recently published research detailing how metacognition can boost pupil progress when it has been contextualised in learning. The project will use action research to develop ideas and resources for all to share on how this can be done effectively in different subjects. We hope to deliver concrete ways to improve QFT in different subjects and diminish the need for booster groups.

ELP learning communities metacognition presentation - September 2018 (pdf)
Oaklands Primary School

Metacoginition learning community update autumn 2018 (pdf - 29 November 2018)

Meeting dates Times
Wednesday 3 October 2018 4 – 5.30 pm
Wednesday 5 December 2018 4 – 5.30 pm
Wednesday 13 February 2019 4 – 5.30 pm
Wednesday 20 March 2019 4 – 5.30 pm
Wednesday 22 May 2019 4 – 5.30 pm
Wednesday 3 July 2019 4 – 5.30 pm

Further information

There must be a commitment of participants to attend all meetings and undertake the necessary research between meetings. The support from the participant’s school leadership is essential.

It is envisaged that projects will be cross-phase. Colleagues from primary and secondary schools are most welcome to participate in any of the learning communities.

Please sign up on CPD online if you wish to enrol on one or more of the learning communities at Ealing CPD online.


Saynap Isman, senior business support officer ELP
Email: elp@ealing.gov.uk

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Last updated: 06 Mar 2019