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ELP commissions 2019-20 and 2020-21

The ELP board has agreed that £191,000 of core funding should be used to support the implementation of eight ELP commissions in 2019-20. It is expected that all commissions will be reviewed by spring 2020 with a view to extension in 2020-21.

The commissions support the aims of ELP to build the capacity and confidence of schools to lead on behalf of the partnership to meet its two key aims: No learner left behind - no school left behind.


  1. All commissioned activity on behalf of ELP schools and learners matches the vision and priorities of the partnership
  2. The need is clearly identified through robust scrutiny of data/information and activity supports a significant number of schools
  3. The scope and budget are within ELP core capability
  4. There are ELP-agreed rates for all school-led activity.

Schools were invited to review the outline plan for each commission and to express a direct interest (through the expression of interest proforma) in taking a lead role by 16 May 2019.

Some of the commissions are centrally organised and directed by ELP officers with specific contributions from schools. Other commissions are fully directed and organised by schools.

ELP commissions

Click on the title links (below) to view the commissions and school-led components. The highlighted section (shaded blue) were open to expressions of interest from leading schools:

Links to proposals (EGfL login required)



Primary peer review and peer learning clusters



Special school joint-practice review



Reading through a reading-led curriculum



Leadership development



Curriculum development and learning communities



SEND leadership



No learner left behind



Secondary collaborative



Total resource allocated



If you have any questions about any aspects of the commissions, please contact:

Nigel Cook cookn@ealing.gov.uk or

Angela Doherty adoherty@ealing.gov.uk

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Last updated: 12 Jun 2019