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Specialist and technical staff

Specialist and technical staff provide valuable know-how and resources that support teaching and learning.

All school support staff can access a range of CPD and training at Ealing CPD online.

Science technicians

Science technicians ensure science lessons run smoothly by looking after and setting up equipment and helping out with demonstrations and practical classes.

The Association for Science Education (ASE) encourages schools to adopt the following career structure for science technicians:

  • assistant technician (level 1) - providing general assistance and information
  • technician (level 2) - co-ordinating the use and maintenance of practical resources and, for example, assisting in demonstrations
  • senior technician (level 3) - as for a technician but providing technical or health and safety advice and, for example, supervising assistant technicians
  • team leader technician (level 4) - reporting to the head of science and supervising colleagues. Involved in setting up and monitoring systems for managing resources, including budgets.

For more information about the career structure and role of science technicians, go to the Association for Science Education website.

As a science technician, there may be an opportunity to become a specialist science higher level teaching assistant (HLTA). For this and a full range of CPD and training please see Ealing CPD online.

ICT technicians

ICT technicians are responsible for general maintenance of computer equipment and for the resolution of technical problems, in addition to promoting the use of ICT across the curriculum.

Day-to-day tasks could include:

  • managing and developing the school's website and intranet
  • managing the school's network
  • providing technical support for teachers and pupils
  • installation and testing of new software
  • maintaining peripheral equipment, eg scanners, printers, whiteboards, projectors, and
  • liaising with external suppliers for the repair of equipment under warranty or maintenance contract.

ICT technicians can work towards an information technology qualification (ITQ). For more information on this and the full range of CPD and training available to all school support staff, please see Ealing CPD online.

Craft, design and technology technicians

In the classroom, design and technology technicians work in a team with teachers, teaching assistants and other support staff to support pupils. Technicians play a crucial role in supporting and directly improving students' learning experiences in desgin and technology (D&T).

Day-to-day tasks could include:

  • preparing equipment and teaching areas for practical classes
  • maintaining equipment and teaching areas
  • ensuring a safe environment
  • supporting teachers in practical classes
  • helping students to get the most out of learning experiences.

The D&T Association and Association for Science Education (ASE) have developed Techcen: the Technicians' National Assessment Centre, to support science and D&T technicians in gaining a professional qualification.

All school support staff can access a range of CPD and training via Ealing CPD online.

Food technicians

Food technicians help prepare food and equipment for lessons and ensure health and safety regulations are met. They may also assist with lessons.

Day-to-day tasks could include:

  • promoting healthy eating
  • preparing food and equipment for pupils to use during lessons
  • maintaining stock and equipment.

All school support staff can access a range of CPD and training via Ealing CPD online.

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Last updated: 16 Feb 2021