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Healthy pupils capital fund (HPCF)

The Healthy Pupils Capital Funding (HPCF) is being made available to schools for one academic year (2018-2019), from revenues raised from the Soft Drinks Industry Sugar Levy. Here is the Healthy Pupils Capital Fund report – 3 August 2019

The HPCF is intended to improve children’s and young people’s physical and mental health by improving and increasing availability to facilities for physical activity, healthy eating, mental health and wellbeing and medical conditions.

Who will receive the funds?

  • LA maintained primary and high schools.
  • VA schools and academies should contact their Responsible Bodies
  • This funding does not include nurseries, but nurseries can apply for the School nurseries capital fund (GOV.UK). Applications close on 22 November.

How much money will my school receive?
Schools need to apply to receive funding. School projects will be funded up to the maximum amount in the table. Find out how much funding your school will receive in the HPCF allocated funding table (pdf)

This funding is designed to improve pupils’ physical health and therefore we have used the National Child Measurement Programme data over a three-year period to determine how much funding each school will receive. If you need additional grants for your capital project, contact the School partnerships and enrichment team for ideas and/or support with grant applications.

What can my school spend our funds on?
Read the HPCF guidance for schools (pdf) to help your school decide how to spend this funding.

The HPCF is intended for schools to spend on capital items that impact on healthier eating, physical activity or mental wellbeing and therefore the funds cannot be spent on staff wages.

To receive your funding:

  1. Read the HPCF guidance for schools (pdf)
  2. Complete the HPCF proposal form (word). Your school will be expected to spend on one or more of the ideas listed in the guidance document. If your school would like to spend your funding on capital projects not listed in this guide, please outline your idea on the HPCF proposal form. Email your proposal form to McGregorN@ealing.gov.uk by 2 December to receive half your allocated HPCF funds in January 2019 and final payment in July 2019, after project completion verification. Schools are to be informed directly of accounting treatment in due course and, if necessary, please contact schools accountancy (SchoolsAccountancyServices@ealing.gov.uk) should you require additional information and the Bursarial Services for related FMS codes.

Next steps

Of the 60 eligible schools, 59 submitted the proposal form to receive half their allocated HPCF funds in February 2019.

When your school has spent all allocated funding, email your HPCF final report (word) to McGregorN@ealing.gov.uk to receive your remaining funds.

Schools have until 28 June 2019 to spend all their funds. The remaining funds will be transferred to schools in the July monthly distribution cycles.

Further information

For further information contact Nicole McGregor by email at McGregorN@ealing.gov.uk

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Last updated: 06 Sep 2019