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The Ealing professional learning community (PLC) is led through the Ealing Teaching School Alliance (ETSA). ETSA website: www.etsa.org.uk

Ealing PLC is a broad-based community of all secondary schools in Ealing.

The PLC is a community of teachers from all the secondary schools in Ealing who meet together to spend time debating and deliberating on a collective understanding of good teaching and learning.

Each school is invited to send a ‘vertical team’ a team of teachers (and sometimes a learning support assistant) who represent senior, middle and classroom levels of leadership in their school.

There are three workshops (two-hours long and hosted by different schools) which focus on different elements of teaching and learning. All members are invited to attend these.

Along side the three workshops each school hosts a ‘learning review’ where they open their school to a team of PLC members who peer review an element of teaching and learning chosen by the school. Learning reviews are undertaken with a appreciative and collegial approach, and they build trust and relationships across schools.

Further information

For key dates and further information see the ETSA website or contact Angela Doherty by email adoherty@ealing.gov.uk.

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Last updated: 06 Aug 2019