The Ealing Aspire network for primary schools, which raises the profile of careers-related learning, continues to provide opportunities that challenge stereotypes, broaden horizons and raise aspirations with a particular focus on Science, Technology, Engineering Arts and Maths (STEAM).

We hold the ASPIRE network meeting twice a term for primary and special schools. This is to keep schools up to date with careers and work-related learning information and opportunities at primary level.

16 March meeting

Here are the presentations and and recordings from two guest speakers: SCS Railways and STEM Learning. Both organisations are offering FREE support to schools and want to expand the number of schools they work with in Ealing.

Guest speaker contact details are available so schools can make contact.


SCS Railways

Recording of our virtual team meeting with SCS Railway:

STEM Learning

Recording of virtual meeting with STWM Learning:

28 January meeting

Aspire network presentation - 28 January (pdf)

Recordings from our virtual team meeting which includes two guest speakers:

Both organisations are offering free support to schools and want to work with many more schools in Ealing.

Contact details and information below about upcoming events:

Primary Futures

Holly Critchley, senior primary engagement coordinator
Tel: 07802 324587

Lets Localise

Gergely Andras, business manager
Tel: 07909 105533

Upcoming live sessions scheduled for March

CJ Bentley - Children Book Author Workshop - 16 March 2021, 9 - 9.30am

After introducing herself and explaining how the session would go, she would talk about how she became a writer, what gave her the inspiration. The best bit about being a writer, the worst thing. She would ask the children lots of questions about their reading and writing (very aware of their body language, it they are fine then she would carry on but if she saw shuffling then she would stop to give them a go). She would introduce the books, talk a bit about finding things after losing them, talk a little about publishing, the trials, and gains. Then she'd ask if they would like her to read a little from one of the books and at the end there would be a question and answer session.

Three: Career Insights from a Project Manager - 23rd March 2021, 2 -3pm

Andrea Storer gained her BSc(Hons) in Technology Management from Staffordshire University. She has over 20 years’ experience in IT for different organisations, from starting out as a developer for Oracle, contracting for Scandinavian Airlines and Pfizer and now delivering complex IT programmes at Three. Andrea will talk about her career to date, things she has learnt along the journey and those that have inspired and been role models for her.

To access these sessions, all schools need to do is to get in touch with us (, so that we can help them onboarding their schools. Once the school is live on the platform, they can simply register for the events, free of charge, via the Expert Time feature.

Free opportunities for primary schools (pdf)
Follow up from Aspire meeting 6 June 2019 - details of oportunities for schools.

Primary Engineer Rail programme with Hitachi Rail (pdf)
Hitachi registration form (word)


Maria Wright, Ealing extended services team

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