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Remote learning leads network meeting notes

32 schools attended the remote learning sessions

Examples of best practice shared by schools

  • Schools have found imaginative ways to share a clear policy about the expectations of remote learning with parents and children, eg via an easy to understand video
  • Schools are providing a mixture of pre-recorded and live sessions. Live sessions are timetabled throughout the day. Many have staggered the sessions so that different year groups have different slots compared to their siblings.
  • Schools have ensured that the timetable balances time spent on on-line learning and practical/hands on activities. This learning is also tailored to the age of the child, and their ability.
  • In one school, teachers try and make the pre-recorded sessions feel as live as possible by having a dialogue with the children; ‘Now stop the video and have a go’ ‘How did you get on?’ ‘Did you remember…….?’ etc
  • In one school the teacher holds a short live session to explain the timetable and activities for the day.
  • Many schools have at least one live session a day in order to be able to see the children and spot any concerns.
  • Schools have made behaviour protocols and expectations clear to parents and children. Schools are following a consistent behaviour management policy in line with the school behaviour policy.
  • In Key stage 2 children, some schools carry out a maths and English lesson in the morning and a quick catch up in the afternoon to mark the quiz questions/learning together. Parents can sit in on this session to support the child and understand what they (the child) have done well and the next steps.
  • Schools are aware of the care and support arrangements at home and make appropriate allowances eg the parent may only be able to give support later in the day.
  • Schools are recording lessons so children can access them later in the day if they are unable to attend the live session.
  • Schools are deploying TAs to carry out 1:1 reading, phonic sessions and attend the live lessons to be able to offer individual support.
  • A greater number of schools are monitoring the children’s engagement with their learning eg the quality and effort the child has put in, as well as attendance
  • INSIGHTs on Microsoft teams clearly and easily tracks children’s learning. The tab named Grades provides a similar tracking system on google classrooms.

Remote learning good practices from Ealing schools

Some examples of good practice from some of our schools

Please get in touch if you have examples of successful practice that you would be happy to share across the borough.

Supporting wellbeing - Examples from Ealing schools

Using online tools to support wellbeing - Woodlands Academy (pdf)
Support on remote learning from Woodlands Academy, in particular with Google for Education.

Woodlands presented at the Ealing Digital Resilience conference on how they have used their online platform to support wellbeing, having worked on their Google transformation since early last year.

For any support or questions related to using Google for Education tools, please contact Sonia Magan (digital lead and Google certified educator) smatharu@woodlands.ealing.sch.uk


Madhu Bhachu, ELP Quality & Partnership Lead (SEN) BhachuM@ealing.gov.uk

Nigel Cook, ELP Quality & Partnership Lead (Primary) cookn@ealing.gov.uk

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Last updated: 07 Jan 2022