Analyse school performance (ASP)

The DfE’s new analyse school performance (ASP) service was launched in April 2017 and replaces RAISEonline.

The service provides detailed performance analysis data to support local school improvement.

This was followed by an eight week testing and familiarisation period where schools were asked to ensure they could log in, familiarise themselves the service and provide feedback.

Following this testing period, the DfE released an updated version of ASP, containing more functions and data (including named pupil data and question level analysis), in July.

The new service is available through ‘Secure Access' . The school’s existing secure access approver will need to add ASP to the relevant users accounts for them to be able to access the new service.

Analyse school performance contains many of the functions previously available in RAISEonline including:

  • The ability to explore headline data in more detail
  • Pupil group breakdowns and pupil level scatterplots
  • Question level analysis.

It will not contain any data management functionality.

The Ofsted data dashboard, which was previously hosted on RAISEonline, is now available through the reports sections of analyse school performance.

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Last updated: 20 Feb 2020