The web-based system RAISEonline is an acronym for reporting and analysis for improvement through school self-evaluation and can be accessed online at www.raiseonline.org.

Note: RAISEonline replacement service
In April 2017, the Department for Education (DfE) will be launching a new service which will provide schools and other existing user groups with detailed performance analysis to support local school improvement as a replacement to RAISEonline. Further updates are available under latest news (RAISEonline).

It is an interactive tool produced by Ofsted and the Department for Education to provide interactive analysis of school and pupil performance data. It aims to provide a common set of analyses for schools, local authorities and inspectors.

Schools can download a PDF version of their latest summary report and inspection dashboard from the summary report tab in the PDF documents section of the website. RAISEonline also contains interactive analysis of attainment and progress, contextual information, question level analysis and data management facilities.

Usernames and passwords are provided to schools by Ofsted. If you are unable to log in, please use the automated reset facility in the first instance. This can be accessed by clicking the forgotten your password? link just under the login boxes.

If you cannot reset your password through this facility, then contact your RAISEonline administrator within your school or if it is the administrator account that needs resetting contact enquiries@ofsted.gov.uk. Please note that the LA does not have the facility to reset school usernames and passwords.

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Last updated: 03 Mar 2017