Children in part time or alternative provision

Ofsted require the local authority to collect data on pupils on part time provision and those not accessing the full curriculum in school (ie. receiving less than 25 hours school based provision).

This includes both children who are accessing vocational courses or other alternative provision at other providers for part or all of the week and children who’s medical, behavioural, SEN or other needs means they are currently on part time provision (including school refusers). We also ask that you notify us of any reception aged pupils not of statutory school age who are not yet taking up the full time place you have offered.

Biannual collection

Schools previously submitted this information termly to the attendance team but the data collection has now been passed to the research and data team who will now be requesting an update from schools twice a year on the first Thursday in November and last Thursday in April.

The date for the return and guidance on how to access the prepopulated (where applicable) template will be published with plenty of notice via gatekeeping and the EGfL prior to each collection. Schools will need to return the spreadsheet either via S2S or via Egress secure mail. If you do not have any children on part time provision you can just send an email to stating that yours is a nil return.

Children on part time or alternative provision data return template *(excel)

* Login required: To access the templates you will need to have an EGfL user account. If you do not have a user account, email

Submitting new pupils outside of the main data return

We have now introduced a facility for schools to quickly and easily inform us of any children who come on to or off of the part time and alternative provision list outside of the twice a year data return cycle (November and April). The aim of this is to keep the list we hold at the LA is as current as possible.

You can send us any in year updates using the part time / alternative provision form.

More information about Ealing Council’s children missing education (CME) team can be found on the CME page (see related content link below).

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Last updated: 08 Apr 2022