Windows/Microsoft SQL server versions

As IT develops, Capita will modify to work with the latest versions of software infrastructure. This means that every so often they will stop testing SIMS to work on the older versions.

All SIMS workstations should now be using Office 2010 or above, Windows 10 was supported from the spring 2016 release. Office 2007 is no longer supported.

You can find more information about Capita’s plans for the technical development of SIMS in this booklet:
SIMS technical roadmap (pdf)

If you are considering changing your SIMS server or workstations in the near future, remember to check the minimum technical requirements recommended by Capita. Your SIMs technical support provider should be able to offer you further advice on this, if needed.

SIMS release notes

The SIMS spring upgrade version 7.174 was released on 8 March 2017. As well as having the functionality for summer census and assessments, it includes the new interventions area, and a field on the history panel of the pupil record for recording destination school and start date.

For high schools there have been enhancements to examinations organiser, managing performance measures and course manager.

The FMS upgrade version 6.174 includes the functionality for CFR 2017.

SIMS 2017 spring release note (pdf)

FMS 2017 spring release note (pdf)

SIMS end of year handbooks

Primary end of year procedures 2017 (pdf)

Secondary end of year procedures 2017 (pdf)

Useful resources


Running and previewing pre-defined reports (pdf)
Managing pupil/ students in SIMS ([pdf)
Managing staff in SIMS (pdf)
Student lists and reports (pdf)
Managing SIMS interventions (pdf)

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