Preferred supplier list (PSL)

The ELP business sustainability for schools committee, in conjunction with Crown Commercial Services (CCS), has approached a number of agency staff suppliers and have agreed a set of terms under the short order form with 14 suppliers.

Preferred suppliers list

We have created a preferred supplier list (PSL). When suppliers meet the CCS checks and sign an agreement with Ealing their details will be added to the PSL. The aim of the PSL is:

  • To offer services of suppliers who have been through robust checks
  • To ensure safeguarding and compliance protocols are met by suppliers
  • To ensure cost effective solutions and minimise administration as you can use the framework short order form contract.

Here is the preferred suppliers list (PSL). (Log in to view file)

Register your school

Once your school is registered under the agreement you can contact suppliers on the PSL. The supplier will support you under the framework deal which hopefully will provide you with cost effective solutions and minimise time/paperwork.

Contact Alison Bennett to register your school to access the PSL arrangement.

There will be other suppliers that you are working with (not on this list) and you can continue to work with them. We hope that you will use the PSL to support you as well.

We were unable to sign deals with the non framework agencies at this time. When the master vendor supplier is appointed (early next year) they will work with all current suppliers to ensure provision of agency staff to ELP schools.

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Last updated: 26 Nov 2020