2017 GCSE and post 16 summary results

11 Jul 2017

As you will be aware from previous years, the LA requires schools to return summary information about GCSE or equivalent and (where applicable) post 16 results.

This is to enable us to provide information to our communications team for responding to press queries, to meet DfE requirements, to provide emerging results to directors and members and to target support.

See downloads below for the relevant proformas for you to enter your summary results. These are in a similar format to previous years, although the measures we are requesting you submit have been amended to fall in line with new DfE accountability headline measures.

We are asking this year that you return this information by 12 noon on results day (17 August for post 16 and 24 August for GCSE or equivalent qualifications) at the latest.

Please e-mail your completed form to Jennfier Bull on the contact details below.

If you are unable to provide all the information by this time or if you are still missing some results, please still e-mail back the form with whatever information you can provide, caveat the form with any issues with the data and then follow this up with a completed form when you are able.

Kim and Jennifer will be in the office on both results day and will be available to receive your figures and respond to any queries.

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Last updated: 11 Jul 2017

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