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10 Jul 2017

The council has secured funding to allow all schools to be offered an AED free of charge.

All schools will be offered one.

A letter outlining this offer will be emailed directly to headteachers this week.

Your prompt response to the letter will allow us to proceed with the purchase of the unit.

DfE, DoH and London Ambulance service advice

In view of the vital role that AED’s can play in saving lives of pupils, school staff and other users of school premises, the Department for Education working with the Department of Health are encouraging all schools to consider these devices as part of their first-aid equipment.

In consultation with the London Ambulance Service the decision has been agreed to purchase the Powerheart® G5 AED’s, being the most appropriate unit for schools.

Download (see section below) the brochure with further details.

Your responsibilities

If your school agrees to accept a unit then you will be responsible for maintaining the unit in an operational mode.

Powerheart® G5 has an eight-year manufacturers warranty.

The battery has a four-year full operation warranty and must be replaced when non-operational.

The pads have a two-year shelf life and must be replaced every two years with the used pads being disposed as clinical waste.


There are no annual maintenance costs.

However there are consumables:

  • Pads have to be changed every two years
    • Adult pads - £21.00 + VAT
    • Paediatric pads - £45.00 + VAT
  • Battery: free replacement for four years and will carry on until the battery warning light shows - £165.00 + VAT.


Should you have any queries then please do not hesitate to contact Steve Dunham (details below) directly.

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Last updated: 03 Oct 2017

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