Teachers' 2017 pay award

17 Aug 2017

Statutory guidance on pay and conditions for teachers from September 2017 is now available on GOV.UK:
2017 school teachers’ pay and conditions document and guidance (GOV.UK)

The main change to the document and accompanying guidance since 2016 make provision for the September 2017 pay award. The award involves:

  • 2% uplift to the minima and maxima of the main pay range
  • 1% uplift to be applied to the minima and maxima of all other pay ranges in the national framework (including headteacher groups) and all allowances across all pay ranges.

Teacher pay scales - Ealing's default position 1 September 2017 (pdf)

Guidance for schools

The STP&CD does not specify pay points within the minima and maxima. Schools will need to determine how they translate the uplift to the ranges in relation to their pay decisions for individual teachers, ensuring they are consistent with the provisions of the school's pay policy.

Options and Ealing payroll deadline

As in previous years, Ealing payroll will adopt a default position in applying the pay award. The payroll team will assume the 2% uplift will be made to all points on the main pay range and 1% to all other pay ranges and allowances. The increase will be paid in the September 2017 pay run. Schools that use Ealing's payroll service should contact Lara Balogun, Payroll and iTrent manager 020 8825 6364, email BalogunL@ealing.gov.uk by Thursday 14 September to confirm the requirements for your school.

As we see it, schools will have three options:

Option 1 - Schools continue to use previous pay scales (reference points) and would like to apply the 2% uplift to all MPS teachers and the 1% uplift to all other pay ranges and allowances in the national framework. This would be in line with joint union advice:
Joint union advice on pay scales for 2017-18

Option 2 - Schools continue to use previous pay scales (reference points) and would like to apply the salary uplifts to some or possibly none of the teachers and leadership staff. Schools will need to provide a list of teachers and leadership staff indicating which staff are to receive the uplift and which staff are not to receive the uplift.

Option 3 – Schools do not use previous pay scale reference points and will notify payroll how the award will be applied to teaching and leadership staff.

As it has been in line with the vast majority of school’s responses in previous years and due to the very short turnaround time allowed by the release of the STPCD in August to allow for pay awards to be made in September if the payroll team do not hear from the school they will assume that the school has selected option one.

To assist your deliberations, please also refer to the circular issued by the Local Government Association (LGA), which includes tables that show the impact of both 1% and 2% on the main pay range:
LGA circular

Schools that do not use the Ealing payroll service will need to contact their own payroll provider to confirm how the uplift should be applied.

If you have any questions about the application of the pay award in your school please do not hesitate to contact your HR advisor in the Schools HR Consultancy team.

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Last updated: 05 Sep 2017

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