Children on part time provision or not accessing the full 25 hour curriculum in school: November 2017 data collection

30 Oct 2017

Ofsted require the local authority to collect data on pupils on part time provision and those not accessing the 25 hour full curriculum in school.

This includes both:

  • Children who are accessing vocational courses or other alternative provision at other providers for part or all of the week and
  • Children whose medical, behavioural, SEN or other needs means they are currently on part time provision.

Schools previously submitted this information termly to Frank Jenkinson but the data collection has now been passed to the research and data team, who will now be requesting a full update from schools twice a year on the first Thursday in November and last Thursday in April.

What you need to do:

A template will be uploaded by Thursday, 2 November to S2S (with the suffix CMENov2017, password protected with the usual document password) for you to update and return. Schools are required to:

1. Check the current list of children we hold for your school as being on part time provision or not accessing the full curriculum in school (if appropriate), updating any information that has changed, adding any further update on their current arrangements in the November update column and flagging any children who need to be removed from the list.

Hopefully this should not be too onerous because we have tidied up the lists and removed any children who have now left your school or who you have informed us are now back in full time provision / back to accessing the full time curriculum in school.

Schools who did not record any children in the April 2017 collection will have a blank template to complete.

2. Add any additional children not on the current list who are on part time provision or who are not accessing the full 25 hours in school as at Thursday, 2 November 2017 – providing details about the child, the number of hours in school, a description of the reason why it’s less than 25 hours and (if appropriate) details of the provision they are receiving alternatively outside of school.

Please make sure you include all pupils on your roll who are not receiving their full 25 hours provision in school (this does not include nursery aged children), including any pupils who have been permanently excluded and are now receiving alternative provision but have not yet been taken off your school roll.

We are requesting that schools return the spreadsheet either via S2S or via Egress secure mail by Thursday, 9 November 2017.

If you do not have any children on part time / alternative provision and have no updates to provide on children previously on part time / alternative provision, please email Jennifer Bull (see contacts) stating that yours is a nil return.

Many thanks for your cooperation with this collection.

Please contact Kim Price or Jennifer Bull if you have any queries.

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Last updated: 08 Nov 2017

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