GCSE 2017 provisional reports now available

07 Nov 2017

Provisional GCSE reports for 2017 are now available to download from the reports section of your school contacts page on the EGFL.

The reports have been amended this year to reflect the new 1-9 grading system in English and Maths.

Annex A (the pupil summary) and Annex B (containing subject level tables), are unfortunately not yet available as NOVA GCSE reports have not yet been made available to us. We will publish these as soon as the NOVA reports are available.

We hope you find this report useful and welcome your queries and comments (contact details below).

Find your school page on the schools contact database.

Download the user guide on how to access school reports at the bottom of this page (under downloads).

EGfL user account

You need to login with your EGfL user account to access these reports.

You need to have an EGfL user account with the correct permissions.

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset this yourself. You might find this guide useful: resetting your password

If you have any other queries on user accounts, please contact the EGfL web team by email egflwebteam@ealing.gov.uk.

Data protection of confidential information

When you download information which has been password protected on the EGfL you are agreeing to take responsibility for what happens to that information next and its security.

In short: never share your user account details, always log out, never leave personal data unattended and use secure equipment (ie secure encrypted devices)

If you pass that information on to appropriate other people you must do so via secure systems – eg Egress or S2S.

When downloading information to shared or otherwise insecure computers and other devices be aware that it will remain in your download folder and may be liable to inappropriate access.

Ensure you are not making the information open to others as it may put individuals and organisations at risk.

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Last updated: 15 Nov 2017

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