Staff conduct in the run-up to the elections

05 Mar 2018

With the Local Elections called for 3 May, the council is now operating under pre-election restrictions.

The pre-election or purdah period starts when the formal notice of election is published - in this case Tuesday, 27 March and runs until after the polls have closed on Thursday, 3 May.

Legal restrictions will apply to council actions throughout that period, which are designed to ensure that the council in no way influences the outcome of the election.

There are very real and serious consequences of getting it wrong. Legislation allows for officers to be individually prosecuted for breaching the rules and legal action could also be taken against the council or the returning officer, chief executive Paul Najsarek, for the elections.

You can download the purdah briefing note from the downloads section below.

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Last updated: 05 Apr 2018

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