Winter-readiness information for London schools and nurseries 2018

30 Aug 2018

Pupils and staff in schools are particularly susceptible to infections which increase over the winter months, such as influenza (flu) and stomach infections (such as norovirus). Certain groups of vulnerable children are at particular risk, for example, children with pre exisiting medical conditions.

Schools can take action to preare for these illnesses by encouraging the uptake of immunization by pupils and staff. The spread of these illnesses can be limited by ensuring appropriate infection control practices within the school for example access to personal protective equipment (PPE). Parents should be provided with information about excluding their children when unwell.

Schools should compile a list of children who are at particular risk of developing serious illness from influenza. In the event of an outbreak this information should be to hand in order to inform a timely risk assessment for these children.

Early recognition of an outbreak is essential and should be reported prompty to the local health protection team

(North West London - 020 3326 1658) Please see the attached guidance for further information on infection control measures and vulnerable populations.

You can also find this document and other supporting and relevant documents on the Infectious and contagious diseases and immunisations section on this site (related content link below)

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Last updated: 19 Sep 2018

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