New pay spine for support staff

19 Nov 2018

As a part of the national pay agreement which covers 2018 to 2020, it was agreed that a new pay spine for staff who are paid in accordance with the provisions of the NJC for local government services (this includes support staff in schools), would be introduced in April 2019.

This agreement will affect the council and schools. The salary rates paid in Ealing schools do not quite align with the NJC rates, because in Ealing we pay a supplement of either £282 or £141 to staff in schools. Set out below are some of the principles that need to be applied in relation to the new pay spine. The existing (April 2018) pay scale for schools’ support staff is attached as a download.

I am working with colleagues in HR and payroll to consider how we propose to implement the pay award in Ealing which includes issues around assimilation and publishing a new points to grades salary card. We are currently profiling different options to ascertain the potential costs to the council and to schools. We will also need to consult with the local trade unions on the proposals to implement the new pay award in Ealing.

The whole exercise of introducing this new pay spine will bring costs to both the council and schools alike, albeit remembering that it is of course linked to a nationally agreed pay award. In HR, we are very mindful of the financial pressures on both schools and the council and have these at the forefront of our thinking when considering what proposals to move forward with.

About the new pay spine

We will write again with news of any developments on this issue and in the meantime please see below the main principles that we have to bear in mind for the new pay spine.

The new pay spine is to be based on the following:

  • A bottom rate of £9.00 per hour (£17,364) on new spinal column point (SCP) 1 – equivalent to existing SCP 7)
  • Pairing off” old SCPs 6-17 inclusive to create new SCPs 1-6 incl.
  • Equal steps of 2.0% between each new SCPs 1 to 22 incl (equivalent to existing SCPS 6-28 incl.)
  • By creating equal steps between these pay points, new SCPs 10,13, 16, 18 and 21 are generated to which no existing SCPs will assimilate. This means that for some Local Authorities the current number of pay points in a grade might change
  • On new SCPs 23 and above (equivalent to existing scale points 29 and above), 2.0% increase on the 2018 rate.

If you have any query please do not hesitate to contact Mark Nelson (see contact details below) or a colleague in the schools HR consultancy team.

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Last updated: 13 Feb 2019

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