Community led approach to tackling FGM - free project for primary schools

19 Nov 2020

Perivale Primary School have been successful in obtaining funding from the John Lyon’s Charity to support schools in developing ‘A community led whole school approach to tackling FGM in Ealing.’

Abour the project

This project aims to develop a community led, whole school approach to tackling FGM by employing a qualified, known and trusted member of the community to use their skills, knowledge and local connections to engage with parents, interact with the local community and alert the workforce to FGM and its long-term effects.

Benefits for your school

During the fourth year of this project, three schools will be chosen to work with Perivale to embed the community led whole school approach to tacking FGM. Schools that are successful will get:

  • Staff training to raise awareness of FGM
  • A series of parent workshops to raise parents awareness of safeguarding, including information about FGM
  • Modelled pupil lessons to support schools in raising pupil’s awareness of FGM
  • Support to engage local community organisations in this project.

The member of staff leading this project at Perivale Primary School will work closely with the three chosen schools to support them to develop and embed this project. Schools who wish to run this project must have a member of staff who is not a full-time class teacher available to lead on and embed this project.

Successful schools must also commit to supporting the lesson delivery on pupil FGM lessons in future schools.

Due to Covid-19 related restrictions some of the activities for this project may need to be delivered virtually.

Application form and further information

For more information and to obtain a copy of the application form please contact Claire Vaughan on

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Last updated: 19 Nov 2020

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