NQT induction update May 2021

17 May 2021

The DfE’s new online service

The DfE’s new online service is designed to facilitate the delivery of Early Career Framework (ECF) -based training in as streamlined a way as is possible. For those schools choosing to use a funded training provider, (Full Induction Programme) it will be necessary for schools to provide the details of both their early career teachers and their mentors, in order for the providers to coordinate that training.

The DfE-accredited materials will be hosted on the online service for those early career teachers and mentors to access in schools who choose to deliver the accredited training materials (Core Induction Programme) themselves. There will be additional functionality to help ECTs track their progress and for induction tutors and mentors to manage the process.

You can subscribe to receive occasional ECF updates from the DfE. Schools will not need to engage with the new online service if they intend to design and deliver their own ECF-based training.

Please see download below of the online service user journey (slides) for the induction tutor nomination process, for your reference.

Please regularly check the gov.uk ECF reforms overview page for the latest updates on the ECF reforms.

Early Career Framework reforms: live webinars

DfE will host two webinars to provide schools with the information they need to prepare for these changes taking place from this September 2021. If your school offers statutory induction, you will need to replace your current induction process.

Sign up to one of the ECF explainer webinars via Eventbrite.

Teacher self-service

Teachers can access their individual teacher record at teacher self-service.

Teachers should use this service to update their personal details, including their email address, and download their QTS and NQT induction certificates. Please refer your NQTs to the website for these matters rather than directing them to the TRA helpdesk or Appropriate Body

Guidance on how teachers can request a reminder for a teacher reference number (TRN), if they have forgotten it: Guidance: Request a reminder for a teacher reference number (TRN)

Absence during Coronavirus – NQT Induction

The Department for Education (DfE) have put provisions in place to ensure that any NQT absences related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak will not contribute towards the 30-day absence limit that would ordinarily extend statutory induction.

The vast majority of NQTs should continue to complete their induction as usual and in line with NQT induction statutory guidance.

See further guidance on induction for NQTs during the Coronavirus outbreak

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Last updated: 17 May 2021

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