Headteacher standards 2020

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25 Jan 2022

At a recent ELP recruitment and retention committee meeting it was agreed to circulate the headteacher standards that were published in October 2020. (GOV.UK)

It is possible that as these were released during the pandemic some schools may not have known about them.

These standards replace the national standards of excellence for headteachers 2015. They are non-statutory and intended as guidance to be interpreted in the context of each individual headteacher and school. They are designed to be relevant to all headteachers.

The standards can be used to:

  • Shape headteachers’ own practice and professional development, within and beyond the school
  • Support the recruitment and appointment of headteachers, including the development of job descriptions and person specifications
  • Underpin frameworks for the training of school leaders, including current and aspiring headteachers
  • Inform the performance management of the headteacher.

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Last updated: 26 Jan 2022

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