Hate incident concern: 'Punish a Muslim day' letters being circulated

12 Mar 2018

We have become aware that recent malicious anti-Muslim letters have been sent to a number of addresses in London, and shared widely online via social media platforms.

These include a list of violent acts, alongside a number of points for performing them, as part of 'Punish a Muslim day' on 3 April 2018. Counter-terrorism police are treating the letters as a hate crime.

Recommendations for schools

Naturally young children and their parents/carers might be worried and this anxiety might manifest in schools. As a way of reassurance should you hear of young people discussing this, or similar conversations inciting hate, we recommend that schools:

  • Promote messages around British values, respect and tolerance to complement their assemblies and circle time discussions
  • Reassure parents should they have any concerns around sending their children to school or any school trips that fall on that day.

If anyone has received letters they should report this immediately to the police by dialling 101.

They can also receive additional support and information by contacting Tell Mama website.

Further information

Do please contact the Prevent team - Mubina Asaria (contact details below) - if there are any concerns at your school, or if you have any questions so that we can continue to monitor the situation and provide support.

It is important that you report all hate crime to the Police on 101. Support is always available through the Police via Victim Support.

Tell Mama also provides additional support for victims of anti-Muslim hate crime:

Website: https://tellmamauk.org/
Tel: 0800 456 1226
Email: info@tellmamauk.org

If you are reporting a crime that’s in progress or if someone is in immediate danger, please call 999.

We will be keeping you up to date with developments.

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Last updated: 20 Mar 2018

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