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07 Jan 2019

A new additonal resource to help find high quality governors for your schools – for free.


Today there are 110 Livery companies with around 30,000 members from a very wide range of professions and skills. Livery and Livery companies were historically Guilds working to maintain standards, thorough apprentices. Each Guild wore specific clothing (Livery) to differentiate their trade, hence the name Livery.

Giving back to society is a big part of being a member of a Livery Company and all Livery Companies have a focus on education as a key pillar of activity.

The Volunteering Platform

Through The Volunteering Platform (VP), Livery Companies aim to find professional people from within their membership who are willing to give up their time to offer support to schools with resource needs, in particular governors. Volunteers can also support further with career talks, employablity days and to support school clubs.

The VP is designed to match school requirements with the right people as easily and seamlessly as possible.

The VP has been through its launch pilot/launch phase and currently has 175 volunteers, with the number growing weekly as the VP continues to be enhanced and the database of opportunities from schools increases.

Usage by schools is totally free.

What next?

Log on to the Volunteering Platform and enter as much data regarding your school and the governor vacancy you are looking to recruit to.

Once the data is entered, any of the volunteers who “fit” will be notified of the opportunity and can then respond straight to the school. It is then up to the school to respond/pursue.

For any further details or queries when using the VP please contact

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Last updated: 07 Jan 2019

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