Yellow rain warning for Wednesday 12 June

12 Jun 2019

Met Office have issued a yellow rain warning (very low likelihood of medium impacts) to cover the potential risk from the showers and thunderstorms.

The heaviest showers could lead to difficult driving conditions, disruption to transport and surface water flooding including some flooding of property.

There may also be some impacts from the lightning such as isolated power outages. Large hail may also be an additional hazard.

These warning are in effect from:

  • Yellow rain warning (very low likelihood of medium impacts) valid 1pm to 11pm on Wednesday, 12 June 2019.

Please be aware that although these warnings are currently yellow, due to the impacts these warnings could be upgraded to an amber warning if they are able to better predict the thunderstorms course.

Please keep an eye on the rainfall radar on the Met Office website, Hazard Manager or the App where the warning can also be found.

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Last updated: 13 Jun 2019

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