Preparing for the health related behaviour survey (HRBS) 2019

02 Sep 2019

Schools in Ealing are due to take part in the 2019 HRBS, a series of questions for children and young people to complete about their health and well-being.

The information below explains the process your school needs to follow in order to undertake the survey and get your results. Please read and pass the information to the person co-ordinating the survey in your school.


Pupils from years 4, 6, 8 and 10. In Infant schools or expanding schools, pupils in year 2 will be completing the survey.


The survey will be taken online.


The survey should ideally take place between the 16 September and 4 October 2019 and not on a Monday. The survey will take approximately one hour to complete.

What is in it for you?

The survey results will be returned to you within approximately two weeks of submission. For each question you will receive results separated by year group and gender. You will receive the raw data initially followed by a detailed report that shows your data alongside the Ealing average as compared to your 2017 results. You will also receive a colour coded chart highlighting the key areas of success and areas for development.

What you need to do next?


Sign post members of staff to HRBS briefing on 12 September 2019, 3.45 – 4.45 at EEC. Book a place via CPD online.

This briefing will support staff in understanding how to administer the HRBS.

Get hold of your pack – usually at reception. This contains a ‘Quick Guide’ for you to read.

You will receive a small info pack

Send parents the survey letter NOT THE SURVEY before carrying out the survey with pupils.

These letters will be in the pack.

Brief all staff involved and provide them with a copy of the ‘Quick Guide’.

Briefing to include online instructions to complete and submit.

Block time on the timetable (NOT on a MONDAY). You might like to timetable two lessons for this.

You will need a computer room

Complete survey with year 4, 6, 8 or 10 pupils (or year 2 pupils in infant/expanding school)

If you have are any questions about this, or you are having problems locating your surveys, please contact Claire Vaughan - details below.

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Last updated: 11 Sep 2019

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