NQT manager - Registering with the AB and data cleansing

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16 Sep 2019

Thank you to all schools for continuing to enable the appropriate body AB) to meet the deadlines set by the Teacher Regulation Agency (TRA).

Just a eminder to ensure that all NQTs are registered with the Appropriate Body by 5 October 2019.

Updating NQT manager

Deadline for schools to check and update their information on the NQT manager system is 10 October 2019, to ensure compliance with data protection requirements and so that the NQT Manager system can work accurately and effectively.

Incorrect details may delay the induction processes and will lead to incorrect communications from the system eg. if the wrong person is linked as mentor/induction tutor to the wrong NQTs.

NQT manager is a user led system and relies on school headteachers and induction coordinators (or a registered administrator on your behalf) to keep the information updated at all times.

Action for schools

Please log in and ensure that your school, NQT and relevant staff details on NQT manager are correct:

  • Current headteacher (name, email and phone number)
  • School details (DFE number, school type, address and phone number)
  • NQTs’ details (personal details, start and end date of induction and contract details)
  • Clearly specify who the Induction Coordinators are (they should have QTS)
  • Link the correct induction tutor/mentor to the correct NQTs
  • Only current mentors/induction tutors should be active on the system
  • Delete all mentors who are no longer working at your school / have left Ealing.

Guidance on how to do this can be found in the NQT Manager manuals on the NQT Manager website.

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Last updated: 16 Sep 2019

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