Safeguarding training for staff in contracted services

19 Nov 2019

A recent HMI (Her Majesty's Inspector) review of an Ealing school raised the issue of appropriate safeguarding training for contracted or other staff working at a school who are not directly employed by the school, but by another provider eg. cleaning or catering staff.

HMI feedback showed they clearly required that these staff must have training and that schools need to be in a position where they can demonstrate this has taken place at an appropriate level.

The Local Authority has already been liaising with Harrison Catering and they are organising themselves to ensure that their own staff induction and training policy include the requirements in:

Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCS) (GOV.UK)

School responsibilities in relation to KSC

KCS states that the governing board is responsible for ensuring all staff in their school read at least part one of KCS and that they ensure that mechanisms are in place to assist staff to understand and discharge their role as set out in part one of KCS.

As a minimum, in addition to seeking confirmation that appropriate pre-employment checks have taken place, schools should also get confirmation from the provider / contractor that appropriate safeguarding training has taken place, unless it has been agreed to cover this themselves.

What contracted staff need to know

It would be in the school’s interest that they are involved in the induction of such individuals to ensure the provider’s staff know:

  • Who the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) is
  • What their role is
  • That safeguarding concerns regarding other staff go directly to the headteacher and
  • Any other information about the individual school’s safeguarding procedures that need to be shared.

Realistically, it will be the school that is in the best position to ensure this is done effectively and that all staff working at the school are given appropriate updates. Schools will also want to ensure that volunteers, especially those used regularly or in regulated activity, are also appropriately trained.

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Last updated: 26 Nov 2019

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