ELP SEND and inclusion committee members

  • Assistant director planning and resources/SEN: Gary Redhead
  • Interim head of SEND, Escan; Michael Connolly
  • Senior associate 14-19 and SEND: Deborah Dent
  • Special school headteacher: Denise Feasey
  • High school SENCo: Katy Reeves
  • High school deputy head: Kate Johnson
  • Primary school headteacher: Daniel Bishop
  • Primary school SENCo: Rose Parle
  • GNP quadrant representative: Kate Moyse
  • Head of behaviour strategy and inclusion: Bridie McDonagh
  • Headteacher EPC and outreach service: John Hicks
  • Head of early years and SAFE: Jackie Carolan to represent
  • EPTSA SEND steering group representative: Melanie Hogan
  • Governor: Brigitte Bistrick-Bryan.
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Last updated: 09 May 2019