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Interim arrangements for mental health in schools work

16 Sep 2019

We are in the process of recruiting a new children's mental health improvement officer following Stacey's departure at the end of last term.

Below are the interim arrangements to ensure you can in get touch and receive the support you need throughout this term.

If you are one of the twelve schools who have bought back the mental health package of support for 2019/20 I will be in touch with you personally to explain how we intend to work with you this term, and for the rest of the year.

Lisa Burrage is working with the team two days a week (Tuesday and Thursday) .

Lisa will be communicating with mental health and PSHE leads in the usual ways via our monthly eNews, half-termly health improvement updates, and via gatekeeping. Lisa will also be faciliating the mental health network on 13th November and delivering mental health awareness training on 10th Dec - places can be booked for both via CPD online.

Holly Chapman, PSHE lead and teacher from Castlebar School is working with us every other Friday

Holly will be delivering some of the mental health bespoke work, and working with Our Time to continue the parental mental illness project 'Who Cares' with a number of schools who committed to be part of this project last term.

Finally Toni Medclaf and her team of school counsellors will be faciliating bespoke work in the schools they already work in.

I (Karen Gibson) will be in touch with you if you are a school who bought back the mental health package this year to confirm who will be working with you, and to make a time to come and discuss the bespoke package of support you want and need.

Finally, please do encourage someone from your school to attend the suicide prevention training Stacey arranged to be delivered by Papyrus this term. There are two dates to chose from, either 24 Sept or 30 October. Places can be booked via Ealing CPD online.

If you have any questions, concerns or would like to know more about getting mental health in schools support, advice or guidance please do not hesitate to get in touch. I will be working very closely with all of our new, interim team members and the health improvement team is committed to ensuring the high level of support we offer to schools is maintained during this period of transtion.

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Last updated: 16 Sep 2019