Ealing Learning Partnership (ELP) - Update for governors November 2019

25 Nov 2019

Governor feedback from the summer 2019 Ealing Learning Partnership (ELP) evaluation and conference surveys, reflected that governors felt there had not been specific communications with them regarding ELP and no specific forum for governors to begin to consider ways of collaborating or sharing expertise. Taking your comments on board we have developed the following:

  • A governor specific ELP communication (see download) detailing ELP's vision, achievements and how we intend to provide on the requests from governor specific feedback. This communication will be sent to all governors as part of the new style directors report w/c 2 December
  • Learning conversations – Our next chairs’ briefing/learning conversation is Wednesday 27 November 6.30-8.30pm at EEC (Ealing CPD onlne). As part of the session we will be hearing from Julie Lewis and Phillip Young about the Ealing Learning Partnership and governors’ role. We will also have an input on the new Ofsted framework linked to discussions about how ready is your school and your GB for the change in emphasis of the new Ofsted Framework as part of how you monitor the quality of education in your school. The aim of these termly sessions is to provide a forum for governors to discuss key topics and share practice. The next session on 5 February 2020 will focus on finance. Book a place via Ealing CPD online or e mail governors@ealing.gov.uk
  • Governor visits pilot – we are offering governors the opportunity to visit other governing boards. The aim is that this will be a shared learning opportunity (not a mini audit) and will provide an opportunity for governors to support each other in a positive and collegiate way. Deadline to register is 14 December 2019. See related content below for more details.

In addition, we would like there to be a governor rep on each of the ELP committees – we have governor reps on the ELP board, SEND and 16-19 committees, so expressions of interest are welcome for any of the others – see ELP page for details of the committees and what they do.

We intend to regularly communicate with governors on ELP and for governor reps to provide useful information about key priorities for each of the committees as part of e-communication and at the termly learning conversations.

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Last updated: 26 Nov 2019