Headteacher induction handbook

1 Introduction

Ealing headteacher induction policy and arrangements

2 Checklists

Ealing headteacher handover guidance and checklist

3 Key dates

Key dates calendar

Consultative groups involving headteacher representation

Ealing Learning Partnership (ELP) shadow board terms of reference

4 Contacts and charts

Key senior contacts for headteachers

Telephone contacts at a glance

Safeguarding reporting procedures and contacts

Health and safety contacts list and useful external sources of guidance

School effectiveness teams and children's services structure charts

Ealing LA schools and settings location map

Ealing LA schools and settings directory and contact lists

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5 Support structures and arrangements

New headteacher induction and EHPP guidance

Leadership development and succession planning

Ealing Learning Partnership (ELP) proposal 1 2018 - 2020

Teaching school alliances in Ealing

ELP professional development and training for primary and special schools 2017/18

School improvement support services for primary and special schools and academies 2017/18

School improvement support services for high schools 2017/18

Enhancing leadership to secure good provision

Good to outstanding (G2O) professional development programme

Securing good programme 2017-18

Leadership commission draft plan

Key stage one and two moderators list

School effectiveness link partner note of model 3 visit to outstanding schools

SEND commission 2017/18

6 Statistics and strategies

Pupil attainment outcomes in Ealing 2016
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Achieving Excellence Together - Ealing school effectiveness strategy 2015-18 updated draft

7 Quick guides

Quick guides

8 Services for schools

Services for schools brochure 2017-18

Ealing services at a glance 2017-18

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Last updated: 21 Sep 2017