Name Phase Address Telephone E-mail address
Ark Acton Academy (A) High schools Gunnersbury Lane, Acton, W3 8EY 020 3110 2400
Ark Byron Primary Academy (A) Primary schools The Vale, London, W3 7JT 020 3110 0787
Ark Priory Primary Academy (A) Primary schools Acton Lane, London, Acton W3 8NR 020 3110 0717
Ark Soane Academy (proposed to open 2020) High schools Will be located on the site of the current Acton College – Ealing Hammersmith & West London College, Acton, W3 8JH 020 3116 0800
Berrymede Infant School Primary schools Castle Close, London, W3 8RN 020 8992 6612
Berrymede Junior School Primary schools Osborne Road, Acton, W3 8SJ 020 8993 9063
Derwentwater Primary School Primary schools Shakespeare Road, Acton, W3 6SA 020 8992 9296
East Acton Primary School Primary schools East Acton Lane, Acton, W3 7HA 020 8762 0540
Holy Family Catholic Primary School (V) Primary schools The Presbytery, Acton, W3 0DY 020 8992 3980
John Perryn Children's Centre Early years settings Long Drive, Acton, Acton, W3 7PD 020 8222 6399