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Newly qualified teacher (NQT) induction

We are delighted to welcome you to Ealing and to your first teaching post. Congratulations on your appointment and the start of your career in teaching.

Induction at a glance

  • All qualified teachers who are employed in a relevant school in England must, by law, have to complete an induction period satisfactorily
  • Statutory induction is the bridge between initial teacher training and a career in teaching
  • The induction year offers systematic professional and personal support to all newly qualified teachers (NQTs).

Key people involved in NQT induction

  • In schools this would be your headteacher / principal, governor, induction tutor / mentor and whole staff
  • In Ealing LA the named contact at appropriate body and lead for NQT induction is Mirela Temo.

The appropriate body (AB) has the main quality assurance role within the induction process. The AB responds to requests from schools and colleges for guidance, support and assistance with NQTs’ induction programmes and provides training for induction tutors.

Useful key documentation

NQT induction and assessment dates 2017/18 (pdf)
NCTL teacher self service and induction certificates (pdf)
Statutory guidance on induction for NQTs (December 2016) (GOV.UK website)

NQT induction handbook 2016/17 (updated February 2017) - login*
(NQT induction handbook 2017/18 coming soon)
NQT mentor handbook 2016/17 (pdf) - login*
(NQT mentor handbook 2017/18 coming soon)
NQT mentor handbook - Templates (word) - login*
Frequently asked questions (updated May 2017) - login*

* You need to login with your EGfL user account to access the two handbooks. To register for a user account, email This is for Ealing maintained schools and academies only.

Teachers standards – summary
Teachers standards – full document
NQT self assessment - tracking document (word) - login*
NQT induction time line - sample (pdf) - updated June 2017

NQT assessment

NQT assessment reports guidance (pdf) - login*

NQT assessment sample 1- primary (pdf) - login*
Paragraphs highlight: strengths; areas requiring further development and new targets; evidence.

NQT assessment sample 2 - primary (pdf) - login*
Every standard starts with previous target/s. Evidence is embedded in text. New targets for all/most standards.

NQT assessment sample 1 - secondary (pdf) - login*
Paragraphs highlight: strengths; areas for development; evidence; new targets for all/most standards.

NQT assessment sample 2 - secondary (pdf) - login*
Bullet points highlight: strengths; links made to all standards; evidence is embedded in text; new targets for all/most standards.

NQT assessment grading (pdf) - login*

Training and professional development opportunities

Newly and recently qualified teachers training programme 2017-18, also suitable for overseas trained teachers (pdf)

Newly qualified teachers events 2017/18 (pdf)
View information on NQT welcome event, NQT welcome session, NQT mentor conference and NQT mentor network events. Booking can be made via CPD online.

Contacting the Appropriate Body

Mirela Temo - LA lead for NQT induction
NQT induction procedures, advice, assessments, quality assurance, concerns
Tel: 0208 825 7986 or Mobile: 07957 637 118

Administrative, NQT manager and general queries - Tel: 020 8825 5763

Other useful contacts

NQT manager website technical support. Tel: 08454 686 810

The NCTL website for general enquiries regarding QTS, information on national registration and certificates.

Ealing schools HR - For information on contracts and pay
Tasha Oliver
Tel: 020 8825 8190

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Last updated: 10 Jul 2017