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Ealing SACRE

How children and adults see each other’s religious and philosophical traditions is a sensitive issue, one which reflects the health of a multi-cultural and varied-belief society. This is especially important in such a diverse borough as Ealing, and on the whole our schools have a good reputation as regards creating the kind of environment where students feel comfortable sharing their experiences.

Religious education is a subject particularly suited to encouraging tolerance and the broadening of horizons, and it is the hope of Ealing’s SACRE (Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education) that our work is helpful and supportive of schools in this regard. By creating an inclusive approach in the local agreed syllabus we aid schools in the duty to support community cohesion.

Ealing SACRE: past, present and future
Report presented to SACRE in September 2008.

Choose one of the following

Annual reports
Details SACRE's activities for the relevant year.

Briefing to schools
Occasional correspondence between SACRE and schools in Ealing.

Consult a representative
Contact details of those SACRE members willing to be consulted as a representative of their faith or philosophy.

Composition of the SACRE and contact details

The role of Ealing SACRE, including constitution and introductory leaflet for new members.

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Last updated: 25 May 2016