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Good vibrations

The following sound files are to be used in conjunction with the second lesson in the key stage 3 unit: Spirituality in sound and music.

1. Echo from Shaman's Gallery in the Grand Canyon (1 sec) [mp3] Source: Steven J Waller's Rock Art Acoustics Page

2. Aboriginal chanting, clapsticks and didjeridu (2 mins 21 secs) [mp3] Source: "Didjeridu Master" CD, White Cockatoo Performing Group

3. The whirler (2 mins) [mp3] Source: "Invoking the muse" CD, by Layne Redmond

4. Haitian drumming (4 mins 31 secs) [mp3] Source: Music from religions and cultures of the world

5. Japanese taiko drumming (6 mins 7 secs) [mp3] Source: Northwest Taiko

6. Burmese gong, video: YouTube; audio file, Buddhanet

7. Tibetan singing bowl (5 mins 16 secs) [mp3] Source: Internet archive

8. Big Ben gong (1 min 3 secs) [mp3]

9. "Love Divine" (1 min 39 secs) [mp3] Performed by members of Antioch Church, Ider, Alabama. Source:

10. Lux Aeterna, Duruflé Requiem (4 mins 16 secs) [mp3] Source: St Clement's Church, Philadelphia

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Last updated: 25 May 2016