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Soul music

The following sound files are to be used in conjunction with the fourth lesson in the key stage 3 unit: Religion in sound and music.

1. "My heart is steadfast, O God" (3 mins, 43 secs) [mp3] Performed by Reed Archer Nelson Source:

2. "By the waters of Babylon": Psalm 137 (2 mins extract) [mp3]

3. Psalm 23 (Hebrew version, 29 secs extract) [mp3] Performed by Kateryna Kolcova Source: CD "The Day is Near: Jewish Ceremonial Chants"

4. Psalm 23 (English version, 1 min 27 secs) [mp3] Performed by St Gregory of Nyassa Episcopal Church choir Source:

5. "Subaha Subaha Le Shiv Ka Naam" (6 mins) [mp3] Bhajan dedicated to Lord Shiva, unknown performer Source:

6. "Amazing Grace" (4 mins 32 secs) [mp3] Performed by St Anselm College Choir, New Hampshire Source:

7. "Amazing Grace" (3 mins 35 secs) [mp3] Performed by US Navy Band

8. "Swing low, sweet chariot" (4 mins 13 secs) [mp3] Performed by the Southern Four in 1924 and recorded by Thomas Edison Source:

9. Mustt Mustt ("Lost in his work") (5 mins 29 secs) [mp3] Performed by Nusrat Ali Fateh Kahn Source:

10. Star Wars theme: "May the force be with you" (1 min 27 secs) [mp3] Source: Internet Archive

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Last updated: 22 Jan 2015