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The power of chant

The following sound files are to be used in conjunction with the fifth lesson in the key stage 3 unit: Religion in sound and music.

1. Maori Haka chant, New Zealand All Blacks (30 secs) [mpeg] Adidas commercial Source: YouTube


2.a Om (2mins) [wmv] Thai Buddhist monks Source:

2.b Group chanting the sacred syllable Om (2 mins 40 secs) [mp3] From CD "Ultimate OM" Source:

3. Ravi Shankar chanting the Gayatri Mantra (18 secs) [mp3] From CD "Chants of India" Source:

4. Mool Mantar (1 min 10 secs) [mp3] Artist unknown Source:


5. Ave, Maria (53 secs) [mp3] The Monks of St Benedict's Monastery, São Paulo, Brazil Source: Gregorian chant

6. Kole Nidrei (2 mins 11 secs) [mp3] Performed by Nathan Adler and choir Source: Jewish National and University LIbrary

7. Japgi Sahib (15 mins 34 secs) [mp3] Source:


8. Tara Mantra (15 secs) [mp3] Performed by the Dalai Lama Source: Wahiddudin Net

9. Sand mandala ritual, concluding chant (1 min, 6 secs) [mov] Performed by Drepung-Loseling Monks, Tibet Source: Skysong Productions

10. Navajo Yeibichai chant from Nightway (2 mins 18 secs) [mp3] Source: Religions and cultures of the world

11. Mongolian throat singing (38 secs) [mov] Performed by Kaigal-ool Khovalyg Source: Skysong Productions

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Last updated: 22 Jan 2015