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Songs of the earth

The following sound files are to be used in conjunction with the first lesson in the key stage 3 unit: Religion in sound and music.

1. Dialogue between Maori kaikaranga (spirit chanter) and humpback whales (3 mins, 16 secs) [mp3] (See Chris Corrigan's blog about this recording) Source: The Whalesong Project

2. The call of a curlew (13 secs) [mp3] Source: The virtual bird

3. Forest at night

4. Howling wolves [mp3]

5. Dawn chorus of wrens and honey-eaters (59 secs) [mp3] Source: "A morning in the Australian bush" CD, Listening Earth

6. Waves lapping in rock pools (31 secs) [mp3] Source: "Call of the Ocean", Listening Earth

7. Gale force wind

8. Windchimes in a storm

9. Thunder and rain (16 secs) [mp3] Source: Simply the best sounds

10. "Earth songs": sferics (15 secs) [mp3] Source: NASA INSPIRE project

11. "Earth songs": tweeks (15 secs) [mp3] Source: NASA INSPIRE project

12. "Earth songs": whistlers (18 secs) [mp3] Source: NASA INSPIRE project

13. "Earth songs": auroral dawn chorus (85 secs) [mp3] Source: Audio Archive: Auroral Chorus 2

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Last updated: 21 Jan 2015