School effectiveness

Resources from network meetings

Powerpoint presentations


Angels in Art

Handout of presentation by Keith Field on assessing in RE
Example proforma for setting an assessment task

Bloom's taxonomy handouts
Illustrated guide to revised taxonomy
Using Bloom's levels to investigate a book (Siddhartha story; using Bloom's to investigate the story of Siddhartha)
More information: useful websites

Controversial issues
Handout from session about dealing with controversial topics presented by Three Faiths Forum.

How RE can contribute to community cohesion (secondary)
Suggestions for making RE and Reflection more inclusive

How RE can contribute to community cohesion (primary)

Learning styles and RE
Teaching mixed ability groups

Network meeting 21 October 2014
PupilVoiceQuestions (Zeba Butt, Berrymede Infants)
Sample monitoring (year one) (")
RE subject area development plan 14-15 (Nicole Gutch, Hobbayne PS)
RE curriculum map 2014 (")
Knowledge and skills ladder RE 2014 (")

Network meeting 14 October 2015
Notes on monitoring for RE co-ordinators and for use of RE schemes on EGfL (Anni Houson, Wood End Academy)
Example of a proforma for monitoring of RE planning (")

Planning for succession
Network session by Zeba Butt, Berrymede Infant School

RE through drama
Notes of workshop presented by Emma Vane.

Using stories in religious education

Stories reading list
Selection of storybook resources.

Teaching Hinduism and Humanism
Workshop presented on 9 November 2016 by Nora Leonard and Sushma Sahajpal

Humanism presentation
Humanism handout

Hinduism presentation
Hinduisim handout

What makes a good RE lesson
Handout to secondary heads of RE

Powerpoint presentations

Angels in art

Assessment and differentiation with Bloom's taxonomy

Mixed ability group work

Network meeting 14 October 2015
Presentation by Anni Houston, Wood End Academy

Promoting moral and spiritual development

RE for gifted and talented pupils (secondary)

RE for gifted and talented pupils (primary)

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Last updated: 08 Dec 2016