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Lead research practitioners (LRP) are teachers using enquiry-based practice to pioneer new innovative approaches to challenges they have identified in their own classrooms.

The LRP programme is a pre-MA research programme.

Those undertaking the programme will:

  • Read educational research
  • Choose a line of enquiry (which links to their school’s development plan priorities)
  • Undertake action research, evaluate the process
  • Write a brief summary report which is published across the borough.

LRPs can undertake the programme for either one year or two years..


LRPs will be assigned to a mentor at the LA who will meet with them and support their research.

Mentors will encourage LRPs to participate in visits outside of their own school, and help to direct them to relevant educational research.

Mentors will also encourage LRPs to liaise with colleagues or participate in INSETs so that their research findings impact on wider changes at their school.


Teachers who participate will become experienced in ‘enquiry led practice’. They will read educational research and develop the skills of undertaking action research, collecting impact measures and working with data to draw conclusions.

Teachers will negotiate visits outside of their schools to broaden their perspective, and will gain an idea of the expectations of a Masters-level research project.

All LRPs will write-up a published version of their research.

Target group

Teachers in at least their second year of teaching, whose teaching practice is good to outstanding, who are aspiring middle leaders or who are interested in undertaking an MA in the future.

This programme is not designed for middle leaders (but may be appropriate for those very new to middle leadership roles – this is at school’s discretion). Middle leaders might like to consider joining next cohort of the middle leaders programme and should contact Angela Doherty (see further information).

Useful documents

Some enquiries are based on one year of other research and others span 2 years of research.

Ealing Lead Research Practitioners publication 2013 (pdf)
Ealing Lead Research Practitioners publication 2011-12 (pdf)

Further information

For more information contact:

Angela Doherty

Jo Trewin

Further information is also available in the Ealing teaching school alliance website and headteacher handbook

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Last updated: 14 Jun 2017