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Directors' report autumn 2016 online version

Dear colleague,

Welcome to the first online edition of Ealing Council's Directors' Report.

You can download the full document by clicking on the image below (note due to its large file size, it might take a while to download):

The items are also summarised below. To view the full item click on the title.

1. School funding 2016/17 and 2017/18 update
Update headteachers and chairs of governors on school funding 2016/17 and beyond. Read download and action as appropriate.
Author: Gary Redhead.

2. Ealing’s response to the White Paper Achieving Excellence Everywhere
Download the attachment with update on the key issues emerging from the publication of the White Paper and responses April to July 2016. Attend one of the following twilight briefings in autumn term 2016 to consider future scenarios.
Author: Julie Lewis.

3. Headteacher appraisal guidance 2016-17
Visit the updated guidance for governors on both appraisal and recruitment on the EGfL and book yourself on the headteacher appraisal training.

3a. Headteacher recruitment pack
Updated guidance for governors on both appraisal and recruitment.

4. GCSE, AS and A level reforms: information from Ofqual
Ofqual have produced a series of ‘postcards’ summarising the current reforms to GCSE, AS and A levels and a detailed presentation that can be used with parents and governors. Ensure that governors with responsibility for achievement and standards are familiar with the information and that the information has been made available to parents.
Author: Angela Doherty.

5. 16-19 accountability headline measure from 2016
Read the technical guidance on the five new accountability headline measures for 16-19 year olds.
Author: Angela Doherty.

6. Keeping children safe in education – new 2016 guidance and the Ealing offer
Read the new keeping children safe in education 2016 guidance that replaces the previous guidance issued in 2015 and will come into force for schools on 5 September 2016. Become familiar with the changes and acknowledge new training expectations.
Author: Karen Gibson.
Safeguarding prevention training for schools changes 2016-17 (appendix 1)

7. Update on EHAP and accessing SAFE
Read the overview of the benefits of the early help assessment and plan, accessing supportive action for families in Ealing and how to book onto EHAP training.
Author: Polly Bradley.

8. Occasional days for academic year 2017/18
Headteachers and governors are requested to consider and agree occasional and training days for 2017/18 at a governing board meeting this term.
Author: Nora Leonard.

9. Spark! - free music provision for key stage 2 pupils
In response to government aspirations, EMS is offering all schools with KS2 pupils one free term of whole class ensemble tuition for all pupils in a KS2 year group of the school’s choice. Contact Yogesh to discuss and see Spark! in action.
Author: Yogesh Dattani.

10. What’s on the horizon?
Read about the new and potential legislation, guidance from 1 September 2016 and action as appropriate.
Author: Therese McNulty.

11. Getting ready for the new academic year
Read the guidance for governing when putting together an annual plan for the academic year. Guiance as a reminder of key areas to look at. Action as appropriate.
Author: Therese McNulty.

12. Update on governance
Read the summary information for school governors on statutory and other information, changes since the spring 2016 directors’ report. Action as appropriate.
Author: Therese McNulty.

13. Recruiting new governors
Read the onformation for school governors on statutory and other information, changes since the spring 2016 directors’ report. Action as appropriate.
Author: Therese McNulty.

14. Governor code of conduct and statutory orders
Read the information about the purpose of a code of conduct, standing orders and model templates and action as appropriate.
Author: Therese McNulty.

15. DfE guidance on cloud based storage and information for governors on communications and access to files
Data security recommendations for governors to consider when storing governing board minutes, documents, etcetera. GB to seek assurance that schools have considered its responsibilities and are aware of guidance.
Author: Mark Robinson.

16. Update on Ealing Grid for Learning resources and communications
Service information and other resources available to Ealing school governors and leaders online. Email if you need a user account.
Author: Sally Davies.

17. Quality resources online from London borough of Ealing
A brief look at Ealing’s new online resources both for families and professionals. Raise awareness of these resources.
Action required: Disseminate to all school staff to raise awareness and increase usage. Promote to families through school newsletters. Contribute where appropriate with feedback and suggested content.
Author: Therese Langford.

18. The 30 hour childcare programme
Read the introduction to the 30 hour childcare programme. Raise awareness and discuss in schools.
Author: Charles Barnard.

19. Update on Early Start Ealing
Read about the development of the service, in its remit and structure and disseminate to school staff to raise awareness. Support us to advocate service to pregnant mums and those with children under five.
Author: Charles Barnard.

20. Proven initiatives to combat obesity in Ealing schools
Information about the Daily Mile and effective packed lunch policy. Speak to your headteachers about how to implement these initiatives and making changes to the school dinner menu and holding a health fair.
Author: Nicole McGregor.

21. Ealing leaders of governance
Attend information event on 20 October to find out more about volunteering to support governor colleagues.
Author: Therese McNulty.

22. Ealing’s continuing development programme
Ealing in collaboration with its schools and training school alliances offers a valuable programme of locally delivered and highest quality training and development opportunities. Promote programme to colleagues, school staff and wider.
Author: Sally Davies.
Promote CPD programme to school staff (appendix 4)

23. Children’s services achievements
Schools and children’s services staff successes and achievements since January 2016. Email by 16 December if you wish to share your school's success or achievement.
Author: EGfL web team.

24. Governor development update
Ealing professional development, training and support available to governors and to school staff. Promote to colleague governors and school staff.
Author: Sukhvir Kang.
Governors how to register and book on CPD online
Ealing Education Centre flyer (appendix 5)

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