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Directors' report to governors autumn 2017

Dear colleague,

Welcome to the autumn 2017 edition of Ealing Council's Directors' Report to governors.

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Schools and children’s services staff successes and achievements since February 2017. Email by December 2017 if you wish to share your school's success or achievement.

Author: EGfL web team.
Information highlighting the significance of the role of governors in safeguarding children and promoting their welfare. Use information to review governance procedures for monitoring safeguarding.
Author: Michele Robins and Sandra Teacher.
Is the exclusions section of your behaviour policy up to date? Review behaviour and exclusions’ policies to ensure they are up to date, relevant and comply with DfE requirements.
Author: Debby Legg.
Governors for schools who are provided with accident support by Ealing Council to review processes to ensure that accidents are reported on the online accident reporting system (Info-Exchange) within 48 hours of an incident.
Author: Raj Chowdhury.
A reminder of the statutory responsibility of governing boards to carry out headteacher appraisal. Governing boards could establish a panel as a priority and undertake training.
Author: Therese McNulty.
Information about changes to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and basic tips to keep your school website safer from hacking.
Author: Mark Robinson, Kevin Griffin and data protection team.
An update on progress in developing an Ealing learning partnership (ELP). For information and discussion at GB meeting by December 2017.
Author: Julie Lewis.
ELP proposal 2018-20 (appendix 1)
ELP shadow board membership (appendix 2)
ELP shadow board terms of reference 2017 (appendix 3)
An overview of interventions and other support provided to all primary and special schools by the school effectiveness service.
Author: Glinys Weller.
Summary of keys stage one and key stage two Ealing data.
Author: Glinys Weller.
Update covering summer 2017 moderation period.
Author: Deb Whittle, Glinys Weller.
As a result of the continuing reforms to GCSE and 16-18 qualifications there are a number of changes to the performance tables for 2017.
Author: Angela Doherty.
Update on school funding 2017/18 and beyond, clarifying expectation about reporting to governing boards.
Author: Gary Redhead.
Changes to regulations for maintained schools to allow for the removal of elected parent and staff governors in the same way as co-opted governors.
Author: Therese McNulty.
Latest updates and potential changes.
Author: Therese McNulty.
Reminder for schools to regularly review and have their policy on the school website and where to find guidance/models.
Author: Therese McNulty.
Proposed changes to teachers pay from 1 September. Schools to review teachers' pay policy.
Reminder of the three key Department for Education (DfE) non statutory guidance and Ealing governor toolkit documents.
Author: Therese McNulty.
Information on SGOSS, governor recruitment and Ealing's induction and support for new governors.
Author: Therese McNulty.
Information on Inspiring Governance. Information on their new chairs recruitment service.
Author: Therese McNulty.
Guidance for governing when putting together an annual plan for the academic year and/or as a reminder of key areas to look at.
Author: Therese McNulty.
Guidance for schools, early years settings, colleges and other post 16 placements about the planned conversions for all the remaining statements of special educational needs (SEN) and the school contribution.
Author: Fabiola Peacock.
Progress report on success of monthly payments and 30 hours free childcare. Ensure staff awareness and promote to parents.
Author: Michael Nolan, Sandeep Sahota.
Introducing a support team for EHAP. Ensure staff awareness and advocate early help for more positive outcomes for families.
Author: Charles Barnard.
The EFSPA is designed to support schools to further develop and embed their strategic approach to parental engagement. Sign up to complete the award for £700 by the end of September 2017.
Author: Sarah Jay-Bennett.
The purpose of this report is to provide an update on the Brighter Futures programme in children and families services post transformation.
Author: Sharon Scott.
Reminder about the code of practice and guidelines for schools on thermal comfort.
Author: Adam Whalley.
Ealing professional development, training and support available to governors and to school staff. Promote Ealing’s high quality professional development and training opportunities to your colleague governors and to all staff in your school.
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Last updated: 06 Sep 2017