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PSHE schemes of work

Ealing health improvement team (HIT) have developed a PSHE scheme of work for you to access, adapt, and use as you wish. The scheme includes the overarching themes of social, emotional, and personal wellbeing as well as incorporating aspects of citizenship.

PSHE/SEAL and citizenship scheme of work for KS1 and KS2

You can download Ealing PSHE scheme of work - July 2015 version (pdf). Please note however you will not be able to access the embedded documents within this, in order to do so please contact a member of the health improvement team who will email you a word version.

This scheme of is a whole school spiralling curriculum that covers years one to six with each year group looking at the same theme each half-term.

It is laid out in a two year programme to allow for a wider and deeper coverage of PSHE education and citizenship and is divided into 12 half-termly topics, six in year A and six in year B. The focus in year A is mainly on personal and interpersonal relationships and health issues. This is widened out in year B to include social and economic relationships, including international relationships.

The range of topics ensure a comprehensive coverage of most PSHE education and citizenship issues which would include community and participation, safety (including e-safety), health education (including sex and relationship and drugs education), difference and diversity, personal relationships, the environment, financial capability, globalisation, social injustice, growth and change.

The colour-coded curriculum overview shows the balance of PSHE education, citizenship and SEAL over the two years.

PSHE scheme of work for reception, KS3 and KS4

For these schemes, please visit the healthy schools room on the Ealing MLE. (Note: once you have logged in with your Fronter username and password go to Ealing rooms menu > healthy schools.)

Health improvement team

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Last updated: 23 May 2016