School effectiveness

EMPAC research

The EMPAC project was funded through the European Commission’s Social Experimentation Programme which requires rigorous controlled research to provide as solid an evidence base as possible.

The EMPAC team worked hard to ensure that the research elements were as robust as possible. Each partner country was responsible for designing their own evaluation but key tools such as the Theory of Change approach and the teachers’ survey were shared across partners.

In Ealing the Tavistock Institute was commissioned to carry out a robust and comprehensive evaluation of the programme. In Bologna there was a research/action team that included representatives from the Municipality of Bologna, Navile neighbourhood, the International Relations Office and European projects, schools and the Education Department of the University of Bologna. In Usti the research was carried out by the Jan Evangelista Purkyne University with support from officials in Jirkov and the Usti Region.

Project reports

Executive summary for the EMPAC project (pdf)

Individual research reports

Ealing report (pdf)

Bologna report (pdf)

Usti report (pdf)

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Last updated: 14 Mar 2017