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EMPAC transnational dimension

The transnational dimension was extremely strong within the EMPAC project and led to innovative and significant changes in practice in both Usti and Bologna in regard to engaging migrant parents in school life. The impact in Ealing schools/centres was more subtle, prompting schools to appreciate the breadth of their current offer to families but also to re-examine their existing practice and make changes as needed.

There were many opportunities for sharing ideas and practice across partner countries during the project lifetime including four transnational meetings, a final conference where all partners presented their findings, an additional study visit from fourteen senior staff from the Usti region and University and an additional dissemination conference in Bologna.

The transnational dimension has benefited schools, councils and educational institutions. Senior school staff from partner countries have had the opportunity to see parental projects in action and learn from them, whilst at the same time representatives from the universities and councils have been introduced to new theoretical frameworks such as the Theory of Change and have also been able to share other research tools such as the teachers’ survey and the family engagement audit.

Video: Usti Experience (Usti website)

Video: Bologna Experience

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Last updated: 14 Mar 2017